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DRIVERS GIVEN EYES IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS WITH NISSAN TECHNOLOGYNissan's revolutionary Around View Monitor gives small car drivers unrivalled 360-degree visionNissan's Around View Monitor system, combined with Nissan Safety Shield, enhances driver's field of visionAround View Monitor provides a bird's-eye view of the car with a virtual 360-degree scene New Nissan Note brings unrivalled vision-enhancing technology to the small car segmentThe
average human has a field of vision of around 120-degrees, but drivers
of the new Nissan Note will be able to see a full 360-degrees thanks to
Nissan's advanced engineering and sophisticated technologies. The
new model, unveiled at last month's Geneva Motor Show, is the first
Nissan to feature its advanced Safety Shield - a package of technologies
that delivers a new level of driver assistance in the small car segment
- along with the advanced Around View Monitor. With
the all-new Nissan Note drivers can find out what it would be like to
have eyes in the back of their head. Nissan's revolutionary Safety
Shield, combined with Around View Monitor, gives owners unrivalled
vision to help minimise the risk of accidents and to make manoeuvres
easier and safer. Safety
Shield incorporates Nissan's Blind Spot Warning system, Lane Departure
Warning and Moving Object Detection through its innovative convex-lens
camera located, unconventionally, at the rear of the car. The camera
provides drivers with over 180-degrees visibility from a point just
below the rear windscreen - effectively giving them eyes in the back of
their heads and allowing them to see objects out of their normal field
of view. The system also alerts drivers to potential dangers, such as a
child walking towards their reversing Note or other vehicles hidden in
blind spots. Making
use of a further three cameras - one on the front grille and one on
each door mirror - the Note also features Nissan's acclaimed helicopter
view parking aid, Around View Monitor, giving drivers a birds-eye view
of their car. The 5.8-inch dashboard mounted screen displays a full,
virtual 360-degree view, making manoeuvres significantly easier and
safer. The Nissan Note is the first car in its segment to offer this
sophisticated yet easy-to-use system, setting new standards for
affordability. Geraldine
Ingham, Chief Marketing Manager for small cars for Nissan in Europe
said: "From talking to drivers through our research groups, we found
that being able to see what's happening around them is a key factor in
making them feel safer and more confident when driving and manoeuvring.
With this in mind, we wanted to develop a technology that gave Nissan
drivers a better view of the road. Safety Shield and Around View Monitor
have been engineered to enhance drivers' vision and let them see more
of their surroundings, helping to keep them safer and minimise
accidental bumps and scrapes." Production
of the new Nissan Note will start in the summer, with first deliveries
scheduled for autumn 2013 depending on specific markets. For the full story on Nissan Note please click here. ENDS The Nissan Safety Shield pack comprises the following three technologies: Blind Spot WarningA
feature once reserved for cars in the premium sector, Nissan's system
uses the rear wide view AVM camera to detect vehicles in the hidden
blind spot areas on both sides of the Note. If a vehicle is detected in
either blind spot, a discreet warning light illuminates in the glass of
the Note's wing mirror. If the driver indicates to change lanes and the
system detects a vehicle in the danger area, the light flashes and an
audible warning is given.Lane Departure WarningAnother
premium feature making its debut in the B-segment, Lane Departure
Warning detects if the car is starting to drift out of lane. While you
might expect a windscreen mounted camera or radar system to be required
for this function, the Note again uses only its rear wide view AVM
camera. Advanced computer programming detects even faint road markings
allowing the car to determine if it is drifting out of position without
indicating. If it does, a warning is given to the driver to correct
their road position. Cleverly, the system automatically adjusts its
sensitivity when on rural roads to allow for the different required
driving style.Moving Object DetectionBuilding
on the capabilities of Around View Monitor, this new function
effectively gives the driver a digital co-pilot to help them look at
what might be approaching the path of their reversing Note. While
conventional parking aids warn the driver of an object in their way,
Moving Object Detection gives an audible and visual alert if someone or
something is moving behind the car, for example if a child is walking
towards your reversing Note. Mounted on the tailgate and having a convex
lens, the rear wide view AVM camera has a sweep of vision in excess of
180 degrees, giving it an unparalleled field of vision at the back of
the car. The rear camera has even been engineered to self-clean by
firing a small jet of water over the lens and drying it using a small
jet of compressed air to ensure it always provides a clear image. The
images from the camera are displayed on the 5.8-inch Nissan Connect

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HI I have a Juke 2013 and dont get any speed camera alerts. Is this something I have to pay for or something that is in the system already and somehow need to turn on. SD card is the latest version. thanks

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I dont know how juke satnav works as havent used one. I remember in my old car it was sd card i trawlled net to find speedcam notification. I transfered the sd card to a new sd and followed instructions to activate. 'gpsunderground' is a good site.

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If using the original Nissan Connect, in Navigation Setup, scroll down for POI Settings and choose this. Set POI Warnings to ON, and your preferred distance for warning. Note that Speed Cam POIs are woefully out-of-date though.
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