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I organised 2 test drives today at my local dealer and a further away one

First one was a black Nismo auto
Dealer principle took me out as a passenger first and he put the foot down
Bit more noise then I thought
Seats are superb as he chucked it into the corners
Very little body roll
Then it was my turn
Not a fan of autos despite driving the boys swift in Aussie
Aceralration was rapid
Very positive steering
Gripped very good
Revs very quickly through the gears
Steering wheel very grippy
Love the higher up position
Loved the car and equipment levels

Went back and had a coffee
Really laid back bloke whos dad owns the company and his wife works there too really nice down to eart people
Told me they make 7% on the cars
Looked at mine briefly and offered £9500 with £10600 to change
I said I was looking at a straight 10k to change and he is going to come back to me in the next couple of days
Mentioned also the £300 servcieng package and delivery a month to get a white manuel
No noisensce garage who I would be delighted to do Buisness woth
Also 10k at 4.9apr

Second dealer was a big dealership
Went in and salesman was busy I had booked an appointment so the " Buisness manager "" took me out for a very rapid test drive first through an industrial estate so I really hammered it round the corners and then onto Iduel carragways

Seemed a lot quiter then the first one maybe smoother roads
These things are rapid and I have 2 subarus so used to high performance
Seats and driving postion first class
Can't fault the car
Came back then introduced to a lovely female glamour salesmans and I had to fill in a stupid questionnaire which wasted my time name adress data protection ,who is the main user mould I make decision today '
Hobbies eg cricket and what other cars I had looked at
Marketing rubbish
The Buisness manger did a valuation of my car and came back and tryied to baffle me with finace
I was after 10k on. 4.9apr simple to swap at £299 per month
First of all he tried to baffle me with 36 months at £347 as that included the standard gap insurance at £299 and supaguard at £299
He wasn't too keen when I said supaguard tins of spray at £20 on eBay and gap insurance is £112 through and insurance broker
He then dropped the payments to £319 as it was 6.9 apr !! So I pointed the 4.9 Nissan offer which is on the website
He said the car was worth only 9k but the garage would underwrite it to £9500 woth £10800 on finace
Seems to have lost a £400 in his favour trying to baffle me woth all the pressure talk and must buy today
I showed him 2 quotes to change cheaper and he would ring me tomorrow with an improved offer
Nice coffee lovely female salesman who realised I had seen through the tricks her boss was trying to pull

After all i was a sales manager for 24 years and pretty good woth money too so felt I was getting nowhere with this clown who tried to screw me on money so not impressed

Still another 2 test drives to do and a few more dealers but the Nismo is the right car for me once I get the price I want
10k to change and 10600 for my car
I'm sure I will get it as well
Both dealers said about four weeks for delivery

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Third test drive
This was really for the misses benefit as she had never seen the car before
Drive to the dealers
She liked the colour as she want sure about white Intially on all the photos I had sent her when she was abroad
When she saw the storm white shining and comparing it against the normal white she was happy
Salesman was great and took time to show her things that are important to her
The boot
The seats
She loved the push start button
The hidden key kept her amused
Sports seats
Sat navigation
Then she had a drive and no where the throttle is and come back grinning
After driving my 2 subarus she likes performance and handleing
Deal was done
Wife was happy
Is excited About her plated going in it

Job done
Deal was done
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