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Philthunder did this to his own Juke Foot well lights.

Use LED strips, stick either on entry guards or on seat base.
Run +ve wire from boot light brown wire and -ve from door switch.


boot light (pull out) and run wire down into wheel well along and under
edge of seat. (do not connect to light until everything else is


door switch pozi screw, door seal trim and entry guard (pull up) and
scotch lock wire to switch and run wire down door channel.

before hand and make sure you have +ve connection for LED marked.
Connect your LED to the wires you have run (+ve to boot light -ve to
door switch) (I crimped mine), decide where you want the lights, either
on plastic of entry guard or under edge of seat.
Connect boot lamp wire and you should have light.
Stick LED's where wanted.
Tuck surplus wire under entry guard, tape out of way.
Do the same for other side as door switch only works for one side.
Replace trim.

Extra light in boot.

running foot well lights you can easily add an extra light in boot,
just run extra wires from boot lamp connecting to _ve blue wire and +ve
brown wire to extra lamp. I used truck marker light, self adhesive. Ran wire through grill and into wheel well.

Deks2013-07-07 19:34:30
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