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from Autobrite Direct!

Hi Guys
Mark here from your friendly Car Care supplier! Firstly I would like to take
this opportunity to thank you all for inviting us on your forum (which looks
great by the way) and giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge, advice,
special offers, deals and discounts to you all and sharing the Autobrite love
around the forum!

Direct are a family run business which started in 2004. A husband and wife ran
team that have one aim in our business, "to offer the best customer
service and products we can" simple! We have grown over the years Over the
last 8 years we have developed a range of our products that are now distributed
all over the world and we are very proud. Here at Autobrite Direct we have a
huge range or car care products and detailing products to choose from. We have
over 1500 car cleaning products and accessories ranging from car shampoo. car
polish, car wax, clay bar, pressure washers, and microfibre towels and many
more. What ever help you need with car care we have the advice to make your car
shine - we are here to help! Make your car shine with our professional
Autobrite Car Care Range. Our products are so easy to use with excellent
results every time, with effective cleaning products, great looking labels and
products that really work when cleaning your car. Autobrite Direct Car Care
Products are the only products you need and don`t cost the earth too!

don`t forget we also cater for our professional Car Care training here @Autobrite
HQ. This consists of group tuition for car clubs & forums or a private one
on one tuition covering all aspects of Valeting & Detailing. If you require
training on a specific area i.e Machine Polishing, this can also be arranged by
appointment with one of our team.

So that`s
just about us done, but please don`t forget to keep updated with all of the
"goings on" in the Autobrite HQ, new products, reviews etc please be
sure to like our Autobrite FaceBook page and say hi!

Also a
new feature we recently added to our website too The Autobrite Forum!

As a gift
from Autobrite Direct to you all we have arranged a unique discount code for
you all to benefit from, please feel free to enter your discount code
for a discount in the checkout box.(Discount code is obtainable from the member discount section of the forum) 10%Website for merchandise is Autobrite Direct

thanks guys and we hope to speak soon

Mark & Jill @ Autobrite Direct

just click the banner below to enter the AD website





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Deks2013-02-10 08:44:06

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welcome markim so pleased to
finally get mark on the forum for you , having used there products for
while i really wanted them to come on here and share there knowledge and
products with those of you that treasure your Juke'sthis
is a fantastic range of products and affordable to everyone , quality
at a low price , plus they stock a wide range of other products that i
have listed at the bottom of this postCTRdetailing will be reviewing some of the AB products for you soon but please take a look at their site and buy with confidence Mark
is very very busy so wont be on the forum much, as he already supplies
for some of the biggest detailing forums around so getting on to them
all would be a full time job so
please email or call if you need any advice on their products rather
than using the forum , you will find a friendly helpful member of staff
always willing to helphere is a list of brands stocked by autobite direct , just click on the link below to go to that section Autobrite DirectAutoglymAquaroto3D Detailing Products3M Car Care303 AerospaceBlackfire Car CareBrinkmanCobra Detailing ProductsCollinite Wax ProductsDeltalyo & ValmylDry U KwikDaytona Speed MasterEinszettEZ Detailing ProductsEurowFenice Leather CareFlexipadsFlex ToolsGilmourGliptoneGriotsGrit GuardHD Car CareInterpumpIK SprayersKranzle Pressure WashersKwazarLiquid ShineMarolex SprayersMicrofibre MadnessMeguiarsMothersOsatu SprayersOptimum Polymer TechnologyPoorboy's WorldPinnacleR222RenovoScholl ConceptsScratchSheildSilverline ToolsVikanWolfgangWhirlaway

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i placed one of my regular orders with mark on friday and it arrived safe and sound on saturday morning , this is the sort of service you can expect from mark , and with the new discount its even better now the range he stocks is amazing covering pretty much every main brand availablewhen i spoke to mark he was more than happy to join us and has said he will pop on from time to time with special offers and competitions for you all to take advantage of as a detailer i have used lots of suppliers over the years but mark is one that stands above the rest for meas deks has said i have been asked to review a few products for mark and the forums so once the weather picks up a bit ill get cracking and give my opinions on these new products for youin the meantime i would whole heartedly advise you to try some of the AD products mark sells along with any of your old favourites that im sure he stocks one of marks new products are coloured magifoam snow foams , they come in a couple of colours and are great fun to use and get the neighbours curtains twitching if any of you need any advice on products dont hesitate to ask me as ive used most of the range or contact mark direct who is always happy to assist
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