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Dear allOur new Juke TV ad airs for the first time tomorrow night, kicking offthe exciting new Juke Built To Thrill campaign. In case you haven'tyet seen it, click the following link to see it:
A number of high profile launch spots have been secured for the adover the Easter weekend, including Britain's Got Talent (10 millionviewers last week), Million Pound Drop and three Premier Leaguematches: Arsenal vs. Manchester City, Newcastle United vs. SwanseaCity and Stoke vs. Wolves (expect 3.5 million viewers across the 3games).You'll see the Juke being built as it drops from 30,000 feet, jumpsdirt bike ramps and travels underwater. Our designers took inspirationfor the Juke from adventure sports and combined it with Nissan'sperformance engineering to create our first compact crossover. Assuch, the new campaign, Built To Thrill, will leverage both the Juke'spremium design and performance technology, with Thrill at the heart ofeverything we do, to engage our target audience.In addition, from 16th April, highly engaging web and mobile bannerswill allow our target audience to feel as if they are skydiving withthe Juke and even allow them to use their smartphone to guide the Jukewhilst it falls through the sky. A DM piece and email will also besent to Juke customers and prospects at the beginning of May, and willgenerate hype and excitement for what's to come, leading into aregular ezine programme with regular updates as the campaignprogresses.edit by deks to insert direct link

Deks2012-04-06 09:56:44
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