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Juke Nismo 'RC' planned

21 Jan, 2013 8:18pm Jack Rix
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Nissan has revealed plans to build an even faster Juke Nismo - and we've driven an early prototype

We've only just taken our first spin in the Juke Nismo, but already Nissan has revealed plans for an even faster version, likely to be badged Juke Nismo RC when it goes on sale before the end of 2013.

While the standard car makes do with 197bhp, just 10bhp more than the existing 1.6 DIG-T range-topper, the new version will get around 218bhp - matching the MINI Countryman JCW - as well as suspension stiffened by another 10 per cent and lowered by 20mm, bigger brakes and a new intake, and an exhaust tuned for a sportier sound.

Like the standard Juke Nismo, it will also be offered with the choice of front or four-wheel drive, with the two-wheel-drive model offered only with a six-speed manual and the four-wheel drive offered only with a CVT automatic.

At the launch of the new Juke Nismo, we had a chance to drive prototypes of the more focused version, and the extra performance was immediately obvious. In a straight line, the extra power pins you back in your seat, while the revised air intake and exhaust made for a much throatier sound, especially from outside the car.

Even with the firmer suspension there's still significant bodyroll, but once you're used to the sensation it changes direction marginally quicker than the standard car. The brakes are noticeably better, too, hauling the speed off violently when you need them to.

We'll have to wait until we drive the finished car to bring you a definitive verdict, but there's no doubt it's shaping up to give the MINI Countryman JCW and even some hot hatches something to think about.

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