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Nissan has launched the first ever The 360o advertising
wrap inside the London Underground to promote the funky Juke crossover
and its innovative Nissan Connect technology. The 360o
advertising wrap covers the walls, ceiling and floor of the walkway to
the Bakerloo and Victoria lines inside Oxford Circus station. The
campaign will highlight the Nissan Connect technology that allows
drivers to plot a journey on any device and send it remotely to their
car. Featuring the strap-line 'Turn every drive into a ride with Google®
Send-to-Car technology' the advert will give the 2.7m passengers who
will use the station over the next two weeks the impression that they're
standing on the roof of a building in the middle of a cityscape at
night, as the Nissan Juke glides above them. Guillaume
Masurel, Marketing Director at Nissan Motor (GB) said: "This campaign
will create a brief moment of exhilaration for commuters by physically
placing them at the heart of an all-encompassing, dramatic set-up. It
also pays homage to a commitment at Nissan that we reflect products,
such as Nissan Connect, through innovative and engaging marketing.' Google®
Send-To-Car technology is available on the Nissan Juke n-tec. Priced
from £16,295, this gadget-focused model features dramatic 18-inch black
and silver alloy wheels, gloss black B-pillars and door mirrors and
black bezels for the bonnet light strips. On the inside, a gloss black
centre console and gloss black door trim finishers complete the funky
look. In addition to the Google® Send-To-Car technology, the new
generation Connect system integrates the Juke's sat nav system with
Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones and MP3 players.ends...

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Bert wrote: Does the Nismo have "Send to car"? Some reviews suggest it does (because it has the newer Connect) while the Nissan site seems to suggest it is a unique feature of the n-Tec.

It does - as do both the Tekna and the Acenta Premium.

Well, as far as we know anyway, although no one has posted they they have actually gotten it working
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