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NISSAN HITS RECORD UK SALES IN 2012Nissan sold 105,835 cars in the UK in 2012, up 9.9 per cent on 2011 Nissan market share in the UK was 5.2 per cent, up 4 percent on 2011 Sunderland production facility builds over 500,000 models for the first timeQashqai sold 45,675 units, up 15.9 per cent, making it UK's sixth best-selling car Juke sold 28,862 units, up a staggering 31.7 per cent It's
official - 2012 was a record year for Nissan, with 105,835 cars sold,
giving Nissan a market share of 5.2 per cent. Total car sales were up
9.9 per from 2011's performance of 96,269 units. Including LCVs, Nissan
sold 115,970 vehicles in the UK, up 8.3 percent from 107,123 in 2011. And
that best-ever volume came from the continued popularity of
sector-defining models like the Qashqai and Juke which drove the
majority of that success. The
Qashqai has increased sales every year since its launch in 2007 and
2012 was a vintage year with the family crossover selling 45,675 units,
up from 39,406. That boosted sales by 15.9 per cent and cemented the
Qashqai's position as the UK's sixth most popular car. It
was joined by the supermini crossover Juke, which had a phenomenal
2012, with 28,862 models sold, up from 21,900; a staggering 31.7 percent
improvement. The Juke is only two years old as a brand in its own right
and is now the sixth best-selling car in the B-segment. The
all-electric Leaf also had a bumper year with sales up 10 percent. And
all this success was set against the backdrop of a record year at
Nissan's Sunderland manufacturing facility, which broke the 500,000 unit
production barrier for the first time, building an incredible 510,572
vehicles, up 6.3 percent from last year's performance of 480,485. Nissan
LCVs were also on a roll in 2012, with 10,136 light commercial vehicles
sold. The NV200 was the biggest seller, with 3,435 units sold in 2012,
up 35.8 percent from 2,529 in 2011. With
the Qashqai 360 edition and Juke Nismo going on sale this month, a
revised LEAF (produced at Sunderland) arriving in the spring and a
replacement for the Note joining in September - as well as many more
product launches besides - the outlook for 2013 looks even more
positive. Jim
Wright, Managing Director at Nissan GB said: "Despite an increasingly
competitive market, 2012 was a record year for Nissan - and that's
something to be incredibly proud of. The Qashqai continues to be a
runaway success and the Juke is more than following in its footsteps,
showing that we building exactly the right cars for our customers; cars
that are innovative, exciting and for everyone. "Our
manufacturing story is just as remarkable, with Nissan's Sunderland
production facility surging through the 500,000 unit barrier in 2012. We
look forward to building on this success in 2013 with many more new
models, including the replacement for the Note. We intend to keep
breaking records and over the next few years I anticipate many more will

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Impressive sales figures and market share increase; more so given the economic climate or perhaps not. Value for money is more important to consumers than ever and the brand is clearly producing some well packaged vehicles which tick the boxes.

At this rate the exclusive Juke will not be so exclusive...

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Kats wrote:It is juke city around here, there are 3 on our road, at the gym today there were three of us parked in a row!!!!3 on your road,,, hello 2 of them are YOURSgym, twice this week already

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Kats wrote:Ours are the only ones with spoiler, chrome kit and wind deflectors tho sounds like you can earn some extra bucks fitting them for the others
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