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Hello all

A little info on car first:- My wife has just bought a 2014 1.6 petrol Juke which she loves. Only done 44k 1 owner and well looked after.
The car has a touch screen infotainment system with radio/CD. I have upgraded the sat nav with a new 2021 card and it is working great.

The issue is with the poor sound quality with the radio reception. Tinny, buzzing speakers, really poor no matter what I do with the settings etc. It is only an FM / AM head unit, but that would suit our needs. However when we play CD's it has a great sound, from all speakers, which makes me think it is the radio connections only that are at fault?

Any pointers as to where to start looking at fixes? Is it likely an aerial issue, head unit or wiring? Any experience would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Mark
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