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This section exists for the benefit of members. All items listed for sale by members must include a photo with user id and date in.Members with less than 30 posts may have their item removed at the discretion of the moderators.No
member will have the right to list mulitple items for sale without the
express permission of the admin team you can contact all us us via
the memberlist or message deks or email [email protected] selllers and Nissan Dealers are excempt from this rule.Non registered traders or person we believe to be traders will have their posts immediately deleted.Keep
all discussions about buying/selling on the public forum only use pm or
email when a deal has been done to exchange personal info. If
paying by paypal we recommend you always use "goods" as payment method
for your protection. If you pay by gift you have no protection against
scams. We have taken the above step to help ensure our members are safer to buy from this forum.However, the Juke Owners Group accept no responsibility for Items lost in the post/Not sent. We will try to help in the event of an issue where possible.Would
like to ad that in 12 months of the forum exisiting no issues have
arisen but as we grow its best to get some rules in place.
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