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NISSAN, JOHNNY HERBERT AND SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITIES CREATE NISMO #Jukeride: THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE ENHANCING CAR Nissan's Juke innovation continues with collaborative project, Nismo #JukerideJuke will become the ultimate technological tool for tracking, analysing and enhancing driving performance Motorsport legend Johnny Herbert to mentor the build with support from a team of apprentices The
finished car will be equipped with the Skycam helicopter and the latest
digital age technology to provide an innovative and unique way to
record and analyse motorsports Nismo fans across Europe can contribute ideas via social media, using the Twitter hashtag #jukeride The name of the car will be crowd sourced by the audience during the building phase ROLLE, Switzerland, (08 April, 2013): Nissan
today announces an ambitious, social media-led project, Nismo
#Jukeride. In collaboration with European motorsport enthusiasts and
ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert, Nissan will build a state-of-the-art
Juke, with its own Skycam helicopter, designed to help Nismo's (Nissan
Motorsport) team of talented young athletes to push their performances
to new heights, and put fans in the heart of thrilling driving action
like never before. Taking
part in building the ultimate technological tool for tracking,
analysing and enhancing driving performance, fans will even be able to
help decide its final name during the phase of the project. The unique
car continues Nissan's innovation in this segment following in the
footsteps of the Juke Box, the world's ultimate mobile sound system, and
the Juke-R, which harnesses the power of a GT-R in the body of a Nissan
Juke to create the world's fastest crossover. Mentored
by Johnny Herbert, with the support of a team of apprentices and the
wider social media community, Nissan will push a Juke to its limits. By
kitting the car out with the latest digital age technology, the team
will work together to create a unique, socially advanced car with the
Skycam, a companion remote control helicopter which docks on the roof.
The Skycam, equipped with cameras, will provide a unique point of view
as well as high-precision environmental data, including ground surface,
air and object trajectory analysis, to monitor every move a car makes. The
resulting data will enable Nismo drivers to monitor their performance,
improve their driving skills and become the best they can be. The Skycam
will also capture unique content at motorsports events, giving fans
access to never-before-seen perspectives of races and bringing them
closer to the action. Johnny
Herbert kicks off the project today, by inviting motorsport enthusiasts
from across Europe to share their ideas and help inform the build via
social networking channels. Fans will be able to submit ideas on Twitter
by using the hashtag #jukeride. From these submissions, Johnny Herbert
will work with a team of 10 apprentices who will actively participate in
the build process, using social technologies such as Google Hangouts
and their own networks of followers to determine the technology used in
the car, as well as crowd source its name. Johnny introduces the project
in a video released today at the Experience Nissan site. One
of Britain's best known drivers, Johnny Herbert's many successes
include three Formula 1 wins as well as notably achieving first place at
Le Mans in 1991. Johnny works closely with Nissan mentoring drivers
from Nissan's GT Academy - the virtual-to-real project created by Nissan
and PlayStation® that brings
the dreams of Gran Turismo players to life. Coupled with his extensive
experience reporting on motorsports events in the broadcast world,
Johnny is perfectly placed to offer his insight and support to the
apprentices as they build this unique car. Gareth
Dunsmore, Marketing Communications General Manager, Nissan in Europe,
commented: "Over the next three months we're going to transform the
Juke, the ultimate compact crossover, into the ultimate technological
tool for tracking, analysing and enhancing driving performance. We are
really excited to work with Johnny and some of our most passionate fans
to build what should be one of the most high-tech cars in the world, and
in turn use it to push our Nismo drivers to their limits." Johnny
Herbert said: "This really will be a car like no other. It will have
its own helicopter, equipped with cameras, that takes off from the roof
to provide a unique perspective on Nismo drivers and give unparalleled
insight into their performance. I'm really excited about being involved
in this project and helping the Nissan team, along with the apprentices,
to create and build something that is genuinely going to improve
driving performance." Project Nismo #Jukeride takes off today - you can share your ideas, or simply follow its progress at the Experience Nissan site or by using the hashtag #jukeride. About Nissan in Europe What makes Nissan stand out? Our
belief is that everything we do needs to drive innovation and
excitement for everyone: we bring unexpected solutions that deliver
smart customer benefits and always generate surprise and exhilaration
for as many people as possible. We
invented the crossover with Nissan Qashqai and added excitement to
small cars with Nissan Juke. We are about innovative ideas that make
future technologies available today with Nissan LEAF, the first
affordable, mass-market, pure-electric vehicle and winner of numerous
international accolades. When we think about performance, we see the
opportunity to reach a wider audience - making performance truly
accessible - and to challenge conventions. This is why on top of
conceiving the accessible supercar Nissan GT-R we have developed the
Nissan DeltaWing, a ground-breaking approach to Endurance racing
reframing Motorsport conventions. Nissan
benefits from one of the most comprehensive European presences of any
overseas manufacturer, employing more than 14,500 staff across
locally-based design, research & development, manufacturing,
logistics and sales & marketing operations. Last year Nissan plants
in the UK, Spain and Russia produced 677,000 vehicles, offering 24
diverse and innovative products for sale in Europe today. All this only reinforces Nissan's clear ambition to become the number one Asian brand in Europe.

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>It will have its own helicopter, equipped with cameras, that takes off from the roofIs this an April fool thing?

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Here is an email the Forum has just received from Nissan Social Media. It was sent to me as the main contact for the forum and as I communicate with them a lot Take a read





Steve, here we go, haven't got the full details yet, but....

We're asking
for your technological expertise as we build an entirely bespoke car...

Essentially, we are using social media to add an extra layer of tech to a Juke,
and so create a precision-tool that will allow our Nismo drivers to analyse
their driving and unlock every shred of their performance. We will do this by
starting with a blank slate of a car, and asking for ideas from enthusiasts on
exactly what technology they would like to see added to this car to measure and
improve the performance. This campaign will be through twitter using #JukeRide.

We don't know exactly what the finished result will look like, but to whet your
appetite, we will kick things off by giving the car its own aerial drone that
will follow it along the track and offer real time analysis of its cornering.
The sky is really the limit - we see lots more cameras, sensors and computers
entering the mix -

The project will run over 3 months, and while all are welcome to share ideas,
we're looking for a small group of hand-picked "Apprentices" to
really steer the project. This is where you come in. Collaborating with Formula
1 legend Johnny Herbert, our team will hold regular Google Hangouts to design
the car and follow its construction.

Here's an outline of how it will work

Starting from <date tbc>we
are going to host regular Google Hangouts, each will be based around a
particular theme or aspect of the car's performanceWith your input, and of course
with ideas or suggestions you've received from your forum, we will begin
constructing the car. We wouldn't ask for you to commit to every hangout,
we would hope that you could join us for a fewThe car will be built and
unleashed for the first time at Le Mans 24hr in June, where you
will be invited to see it in person

I really hope that this will be of interest to you - it's going to be a very
exciting few months as this car takes shape, so if you're interested please do
let me know as soon as possible.

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This is amazing for our forum to be involved in this, lets do the business and see the most fabulous Juke ever.

Ps can you ask them for a model of the final car as baby juke needs a sibling!!!!

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Kats wrote:This is amazing for our forum to be involved in this, lets do the business and see the most fabulous Juke ever.Ps can you ask them for a model of the final car as baby juke needs a sibling!!!!you have room for another then will mean you bringing two cars to every event though which reminds me might have to post you the gazebo again

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We Have an ideas topic in the members area where we will be collating all the ideas.Any ideas posted in this topic will be moved across to the other one I will be honest. Ideas posted here are visible to everyone where as in the members area its more restrictedwe wouldnt want anyone else cashing in on OUR ideas would we
Deks2013-04-09 23:10:42

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One big question - which in itself perhaps talk volumes...The project is the Nismo jukeride.But they are looking to trick up an N-tec Juke.Not a Nismo Juke. An N-tec Juke.Which to me, at least, seem to be aimed at quite different markets.Both great.But different.Video is very track based. Smacks of Nismo.Talk is all gadget based. (Sort of) smacks of N-tec. Well, if we swallow the Nissan line about how the N-tec is stuffed with tech anyway.Which is it Nissan?There's a bunch of stuff I'd want to trick an N-Tec up with.But a different bunch of stuff I'll be looking to throw at my Nismo.Although there will be an overlap, but that's just because I'm both a Power and a Gadget freak I appreciate there may not be too many like me - my wife would say just as well

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add your ideas to the other thread TT I have to say the two lines confused me a little as I am with you on the Nismo and the N-tec being two different things I can see I will need a list of questions and answers for the first gathering

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need to keep this one live guys keep them ideas coming, I dont want to be the one at the table with Nissan next month with no ideasmore ideas and info in the members section keeping the ideas to ourselves in there until the hangout #jukeride

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just a gentle reminder that Nissan asked us to be involved with #jukeride so it would be good to go armed with loads of ideas. We have a few in the members area but keep them coming.Not sure how many others will be at the google hangout where the discussions on what will be added will be discussed but from the info I have received I think its just a small group of people discussing all the ideas put forward on the#jukeride twitter feed.I feel very honoured that Nissan have asked this forum to be personally involved in such a project keep up the good work everybody and keepo those ideas coming.

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A part of it has to be Johnnie in the passenger seat being the stig for you! Saying that he could well be the stig....
or maybe in the small boot as he doesn't take up much room...crag2013-04-20 08:49:32

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im leaving this one to the technical boys, its not that i dont want to get involved i just cant see what imput i could possibly put in not being technical in the slightest
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