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Covering a few items here, as they all link in together for getting power feeds.

Map and Boot and Interior light.The manual very helpfully lists them purely as 5Watt - no bulb reference or type. Cheers Nissan!
They are actually though (TBC) I think, our favourite 501 W5W, so replacing with LED versions should be a doddle.
Check this How To guide posted by Deks, to see how Philthunder added extra boot lights.
If you want to add extra interior lights, that come on with either door opening, or with the map light, check out this thread for a How To by Deks

Or this thread by Paul

Illuminated Sill GuardsYes, you can now be greeted by a glorious glow from the sills, each time you open the door Check out this great How To Guide by YoungJukeyThere is also a link in this thread to where Jukeov got his from.Also this How To posted by Deks, as done by Philthunder
If you want the detailed, Nissan, instructions instead , check out the link in Paul_S' threadNote that in the Mood Lighting, the Nissan instructions refer to the wire as Brown, whereas in these instructions, the same wire is marked as Black...

Mood LightingThis suggestion for what to buy ebay link from jthspace will give you an idea of what you need.Essentially, ebay is full to bursting with LED light strips What you should be looking for is ones which you can cut to length.You will also need strip connectors to end up with a pair of wires from each strip you want (use these to join the strips together).Single short strips start off dead cheap, with prices going up for longer lengths or remote control versions.The choice is near endless!
You could wire these as with the Sill Guards (above) to come on when the door opens, or into a 12v feed that comes on with the ignition, depending on your preference
For a link the the Nissan instructions, see Paul_S' thread, which shows which wire to feed off from the BCM (I'm not sure which type of lighting this gives - entry or full time)Note that in the Sill Lighting, the Nissan instructions refer to the wire as Black, whereas in these instructions, the same wire is marked as Brown...
As a finished article - Mood / Ambiant plus Sills and using the LEDs that were left over, check out Jukeov's pictures thread
NOTE: it is possible that certain Jukes have an existing power block for illuminated sill guards and ambiant lighting - this is to be confirmed... (it may just be the BCM referred to above)

TTDegs2013-07-03 23:41:15
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