NISMO tyre wear

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NISMO tyre wear

Post by Bighbomb » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:57 pm

My first set had to be changed at 7,000 but this last set are at 6,000 and have a good 3.5 to 4 MM. on them Nismo AWD

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NISMO tyre wear

Post by smithy15 » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:51 am

Hi , Just an update on my post regarding tyre wear.... The dealership has just called to say Nissan have agreed to replace the front tyres free of charge .....Result

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NISMO tyre wear

Post by Cofnchtr » Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:19 pm

Hi smithy,

Great result. Worth a try at least - they can only say no!



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NISMO tyre wear

Post by Whiterdesign » Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:33 pm

According to door plate on wife's RS fronts are 33 and rears 30, she got car last week,thought it was a bit hard so checked pressures it was 43 all round so PDI wasn't very good and i have complained to dealer. her last Nismo bought from another branch of the same dealer also came with pressures over 40. Going back to tyre wear she had Contis on last car and at 9k fronts still had 4mm, not brilliant but she is not a slow driver

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NISMO tyre wear

Post by Thawsa » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:11 pm

I've had my rs for couple months and I checked my tyres front ones were 1.2 and 1.4 the cars done 11000 miles I got on 9000 so currently in debate with the company who sold me the car (motor point) they are agreeing to replace front two for free but I'm not sure wethe to put continentals run flats back on this is what the car came with ????

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Re: NISMO tyre wear

Post by Bighbomb » Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:41 pm

Just had 3rd set of tyres 15000 miles AWD Nismo

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Re: NISMO tyre wear

Post by JohnG123 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:40 am

Just Checked my door pillar on my 2016 Nismo RS Auto says fronts 36 psi rears 33 psi.
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