Cabin Air Filter Replacement

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Re: Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Post by mainliner » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:31 pm

This is a repost of my original guide, now with the images reinstated:

Here's a guide to Replacing the Cabin Air Filter on a UK-spec RHD Juke:

1. Open the glovebox, and remove the 3 philips screws along the top edge.
2. Close the glovebox, and remove the 4 philips screws along the lower edge. (On some Juke versions (mainly 4WD I believe), there may be another 2 philips screws inside the glovebox as well. Don't pull too hard on the glovebox without checking first!)
3. Pull the whole glovebox assembly away from the dashboard. It is held by 2 plastic clips - a firm pull should release them easily.
4. Disconnect the small wiring connector. Remember to re-connect on re-assembly.
5. This is the filter cover that you're looking for. Unfortunately it's black, and looks as if it's part of the surrounding air conditioner unit.


6. And this is where it is. It's very close to the forward bulkhead.

DSCN0028 copy.JPG

7. For easier access, disconnect the lower wire that's in the way. Remember to re-connect it on re-assembly. To remove the cover, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to lever the top latch away from the filter housing. Place the blade vertically in the gap between the latch and the 'bit next door'. The latch should release fairly easily. This is how it looks with the cover removed.


8. Using your fingers, squeeze the old filter together and pull it out of the housing. Mine was nearly black, after 18,000 miles! Note the direction of the arrow on the old filter. The housing itself will be full leaves and other debris - use a crevice nozzle and vacuum cleaner to suck it all out.
9. Make sure the arrow on the new filter is facing the right way, then squash it together and feed it into the filter housing. Once fitted, it will spring back to shape.
10. Replace the cover. I had difficulty engaging the lower latch - and it broke off! But it still remains secure with just the top latch engaged.
11. Refit everything back together. Job done!

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Re: Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Post by jukebab12 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:04 pm

i have an airbag switch inside the glovebox , should i just turn it off and remove the glove box

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Re: Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Post by Bernie » Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:02 pm

Hi jukebab, Welcome to the forum, I would try to remove the filter with the glovebox in situ.
Its only a Juke if it's RED.

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