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Juke-vibration/rattle from dash?

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:44 pm
by Coldchops
I have recently bought a 2 year old 1.5 diesel Tekna Juke.
The windscreen was replaced 3 days after purchase due to a crack after a bit of back and forthing with the Nissan dealer. Although I have only had it a week, and to be fair I usually have the radio on, I’ve noticed the last 2 days there is a rattling/ vibration noise since the windscreen was replaced. I’ve emptied the glove box, pockets etc to no avail . Sometimes it sounds like it’s coming from the glove box other times from the whole centre console or the front air bag area . It sounds like something is reverberating and creating this loud rattle. I hear it when going over uneven ground, going down hills or when the engine revs are high at higher speeds.
Bizarrely despite being a constant sound all day today, when I got my husband to drive it tonight it was barely there! I drove it around myself with him as a passenger convinced he was mistaken and going to show him he was wrong, but he was right enough and it came and went but was hardly noticible. Could it be a change in the temp and the windscreen expanding or contracting against the dash?
I’ve looked on a few forums for advice but nothing is jumping out at me as the same as my issue, and I have emailed the garage to let them know there is a problem.
I would really really rather not hand it back to the garage as the sale became a bit messy and I had to put in a complaint about the after care- if I can avoid handing it in and trying to explain its an intermittent thing ( and I’m pretty noise sensitive anyway) it would be preferable!
Any advice or suggestions would be great- I’m not too ‘up’ on my mechanics so dummy/ layman’s terms would be great thanks! 😀

Re: Juke-vibration/rattle from dash?

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:16 pm
by Duncan22
As you have only had the car for such a short period it may be a coincidence that this noise started after the windscreen was replaced.
If the windscreen was replaced correctly there would be no need for them to touch anything inside your car, they remove the old seal around the window when putting in a new windscreen.
If you have any doubts about the seal simply drive in the rain or get a hosepipe on the windscreen, if there are no leaks then it's likely to be fitted correctly.
If you hear the noise again open the drivers window, is it any louder ? If so it may be something external on your car.
Make sure you look in the boot, not unknown for things in the boot well to be rattling about.
Look in the engine compartment, make sure some cap or battery clamp is not slightly loose.
Often these things are a process of eliminating what might be causing it.

Re: Juke-vibration/rattle from dash?

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:54 am
by vexorg
Never had any rattle from the dash. The only one I remember on the juke is from the passenger seat beat as it sometimes doesn't sit straight when someone gets out the car. It'll rattle off the door frame.

I'm doubtful a dealer will do much other than a cursory glance at it. It'll be trial and error on your part as it's unlikely you'll find it under the dash with the car sitting still.