Turbo pipe blown and issues

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Turbo pipe blown and issues

Post by sharkey » Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:04 am

HI, hoping for advice please

Driving onto motorway on Sunday heard a pop and lost all power. Called out the AA and they sent a local garage, the turbo (assuming intake) pipe had snapped in two and was therefore not providing air. He said a quick fix was to tape it, he was going to gaffer tape it but only had electrical tape. He saw me off motorway and all was ok and he rechecked it. I only had 7 miles to go home, he said if it blows off again on the return to tape again or it was oj to drive how without it but would be no turbo.

It blew again after a mile and was going to be a pain to redo with electrical tape so I drove on. I noticed a red engine warning light this time but assumed that was cos the pipe was completely not engaged now. I took it easy.

When I got home I opened the bonnet and noticed a light splattering of oil around the back of the engine where the pipe was off, this was a little concerning.

I have replaced the pipe this morning but the red light is still on. I haven't driven it since Sunday and was waiting to replace the pipe.

I guess I shouldn't have driven it with the red warning light but he had said it was ok to carry on but my stupidity. Anyone any ideas? I plan to get it to garage but it's 10 miles away, ok to drive it if I take it easy?

Its a 1.5 Dci by the way.

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Re: Turbo pipe blown and issues

Post by vexorg » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:07 am

Probably needs the fault code clears.

If the pipe has been fixed and no other issue then it should be ok to drive. The light will probably go itself eventually once it realises all is good.

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