Skirts removal

all those mods you have done or planning
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Skirts removal

Post by gill5on » Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:55 pm

Hi all I'm new here.
I had my body kit sprayed to match my original colour, ie black to artic white
Problem is they didn't use artic white they used a brighter white. So my question is how do I take the kit off ie wheel arches and bottom skirts, in other words any black external plastics, im going to repaint them myself, should of done that in first place but I got lazy.
Thank you all for your support this web site has been so informative since I got my Juke 3 yes ago.

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Re: Skirts removal

Post by vexorg » Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:44 am

Carefully!, the wheel arches use a few screws then mainly thoses poppers. I managed to break two if the poppers when trying to ease them out carefully as you need to take them off when removing the front bumper.

Rear looked the same, and I image the sideskirts will be screws and clips of some kind.

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