differences between 1.6 dig-t lumps? (non nismo/nismo)

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differences between 1.6 dig-t lumps? (non nismo/nismo)

Post by MCD » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:28 am

Hi guys,

So it seems like alot of manufacturers these days, the range topping performance engine can be found in lesser, or at any rate more subtle specifications further down the range, all be it with a small detune.

As i understand it, our understated looking 1.6 dig-t tekna has just shy of 190bhp. Where as the nimso & rs have 200 & 210bhp? Can anyone please explain how this difference is achieved? Is it simple mapping? Or is it more significant? Exhaust & Filter? Or even physical head or cams?

Thanks for any info,


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