Comparing eBay Map to genuine Sat Nav map

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Comparing eBay Map to genuine Sat Nav map

Post by mzdmukjuke » Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:35 am

Does anyone have a genuine Nissan map they can compare the version details with me?

I purchased an eBay card for £20 for my '16 Juke Tenka, and it is still giving me all sorts of weird routes.

For example, I was driving back from Edinburgh to Aberdeen last week at 9pm at night with little traffic, and the map wanted to take me off A90 twice, adding 30 minutes to my trip compared to Google maps on my phone.

I have some doubts about the verion of the card I bought, but then again the roads I travel on were built decades ago so there should be no reason for the map to steer me further away.

Here's the descriptions of the card I bought from eBay:

Connect LCN 3 Europe V5 Map SD Card
Part No: KE288-LCNKEV5
2020 - 2021 Ver. 5 LATEST MAPS

When plugged into the car the SD card shows the following details:

Release: sd2-GENJ_EU_G.A v4
Version 894476612

Does your 2020 Sat Nav card show the same verison information?

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