Engine using too much oil??

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Engine using too much oil??

Post by cgreavesss » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:07 pm

I have had my Juke 1.2 turbo petrol (Juke 1.2 Dig-t N-connects 5 door, from new in March 2017. Picked it up with 10 miles on the clock.
Since then I’ve noticed a few problems regarding the engine oil and wondering what other people were thinking.
In January 2018 I reported to the dealer that when I switched on the engine from cold my oil light would appear if it was over 2500 revs. Dealer took it in and had a look- no problems.
In February 2018 also I checked my oil one day and came to realise I had little in there, had done roughly around 11k miles and was due for a service soon so booked it in and they sorted everything.
It’s now November 2018 and have checked my oil and there is not a drop in there, have done 13k miles since my service. Can not find what make of oil to use in any of my manuals and have been told by two different people at the dealership two different oils to use (5W40 or 10W40). Is this normal to be using that much oil??? Dealer has told me that in all new modern cars the manufacturer says that new vehicles can use up to a litre per 1k miles.
Please help.

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Re: Engine using too much oil??

Post by Bernie » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:44 pm

Hi CG, Welcome to the forum, Now for your car which as one of the worst engines that Nissan have ever made, If you read through previous post's on this forum you will find many stories about the 1.2 Dig t engines.The oil that everyone uses is5w40 full synthetic.Most 1.2 engines had problems with the oil So don't mess about get onto your dealer and TELL them you want your car sorted it will most probably involve a new engine going off what other 1.2 owners have said.If you get no joy from your dealer then contact Nissan Customer Services and please do not hang about get them to sort it now. Also you should be entitled to a courtesy car.
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Re: Engine using too much oil??

Post by vexorg » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:22 pm

I think most cars do have checking oil level as part of their weekly mainenance.

Most people simply dont bother and assume it'll be ok from service to service.
I always check a new (or newly aquired) car regularly at the begining for oil water etc just to get an idea if anything is leaking. Then relax that a bit as I get to know the car.

But if you have doubts over oil then I'd check it every week, or month, depending of the use. Checking means top it up too, and take note of how much oil is going in.

The 1 litre per 1000 miles (or 1000km in some cars) is a complete cop out by the manufacturers to stop complaints. No engine should use that much oil (though honda type-r is an exception). I have read some newer engine are not so good at sealing oil in around the piston rings as a good seal increases drag meaning less mpg. A bad idea to sacrifice good engineering practice for some mnor fuel saving, we all know older engines would run many miles and no loss.

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