It's gone!

Non-Technical Nissan Juke chat.
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It's gone!

Post by MandZ » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:53 pm

Thankfully our Juke has gone. It was the worst built, most unreliable car we've ever owned. Managed to get the engine light switched off so the part exchange dealer didn't knock us. It's had 5 o2 sensors in 3 years, it rattles and squeaks from random areas at random times, it has a ridiculously small fuel tank, the windscreen washers are shocking, the quality of the plastics and leather are woeful, my Transit Connect is lightyears ahead in terms of build quality and materials. The wheels are showing signs of the lacquer getting water ingress (no such issues on the Transit, despite the same cleaning regime and products), the paintwork is soft and marks way too easily. The carpets are difficult to clean.

Even allowing for the fact that we bought a cheap car, we'll never buy another Nissan, which will probably please the chap at Nissan head office who's had to deal with the problems caused by the lying defrauding people at Aylesbury Nissan (avoid like the plague) who refused to repair the air con unless I paid to have it recharged! Thankfully Ancaster Nissan in Slough are one of Nissan HQ's preferred dealers and they sorted things for us. The aircon fault was caused during build, so how Aylesbury Nissan could refuse to mend it is beyond me.

So what was good? It went well for an SUV, experience of diesel and non turbo petrol loan cars makes me wonder why anyone would buy the awful petrol and made me realise that only a deaf person would buy the diesel. The other good thing? Not having to pay for services as Nissan UK paid as a way of apologising for their poor car and poor dealer network.

Anyway, that's it, moan over.

Thanks to the helpful people here, and the unhelpful ones can do one, you know who you are.

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Re: It's gone!

Post by vexorg » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:24 pm

You just must have been unlucky, our juke experience has been great, as have many other owners (though some owners themselves leave a lot to be desired).

Fuel tank on ours get 500-600 miles typically between fill ups, no issues with paint or interior finish.

I do all my own servicing and repair, it's a decent enough car to work on. running costs have been good. Dealer-wise, Parks of East Kilbride have some of the worst brain dead staff you could ever meet and they are about as fast the the sloths in zootopia when picking parts up.

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