Speedo is so wrong !

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Speedo is so wrong !

Post by Colpat » Sun May 17, 2020 8:35 am

I've not been able to drive my Juke much as I got it the same day lockdown started, it's a 2017 model with Satnav so I wasn't sure if it was up to date so I put my up to date Garmin Satnav in for a journey yesterday which involved me using motorways, I couldn't believe how far out the speedo is on my car, (17" wheels).
I set the cruise to 65 MPH and and that's exactly what the speedo was reading but according to my Garmin I was only doing 61 MPH ! also driving through road works with a 50 MPH limit the same again, 50 MPH on the speedo 47 MPH on the satnav.
I also had to go past some of those road signs that flash up your speed, yet again 30 MPH on the speedo 27 MPH on the sign and Satnav.
I then checked my speed with a moblie phone app, same result.
I know manufacturers do dial in some leeway into their cars but this way past what I believe is acceptable.
Okay very little chance of getting booked for speeding but is this a ploy by Nissan and other manufacturers to perhaps,
(A) make money as you won't really be travelling as many miles as the speedo is showing which means your service could come around sooner,
(B) to make it look like you're getting more MPG than you really are, the onboard computer would read 65 MPG when really it's only 61 MPG.
I have to add I have used my Garmin Satnav in two previous cars which also read fast (but not as bad as the Juke) and have always used it to govern and check my speed and found it to be spot on.

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Re: Speedo is so wrong !

Post by Bernie » Sun May 17, 2020 10:34 am

Hi Colpat, As you say the Nissan speedo does not give a true reading, mine always shows 3 mph slow and it always has, I know that many Nissan owners have said over the years that there car is the same.
Its only a Juke if it's RED.

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Re: Speedo is so wrong !

Post by vexorg » Sun May 17, 2020 3:36 pm

No, they do it for legal reasons, the speedo will always read high. It means that if it says 50mph and you are in a 50 zone then you can never blame them for speeding.

All manufacturers make the speed read slightly high. Normally they quote 10% error, in reality that means from 0 to 10% higher than actual.

Usually the odometer is very accurate. We have Navaras at work, and on long drives I tested it. Cruise control set to 65mph on the motorway, after exactly 1 hour the mileage shown was 61.0

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